White rage





VG - one of the biggest newspapers in Norway - has collaborated with Provinsen in making a trailer for one of their most comprehensive features ever, called “The White Rage”. Two journalists and a photographer traveled around Europe for a year, meeting with nationalists, right-wing fundamentalists and nazis to answer the question: “Why this rage?”

We were given fantastic photos from the award-winning VG-photographer Espen Rasmussen and our task was to make an introduction to this interesting feature - to give glimpses of the many dark stories in this documentary trailer. A big challenge was to show that this is a documentary, it´s reality, not a drama, although some of the statements are so outrageous that it´s actually quite hard to believe. We hope this trailer makes people read the stories and gain knowledge and understanding.

Provinsen has made this film in close collaboration with the film maker Harald Fossen.


Photo: Espen Rasmussen

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"We need a strong man like Hitler or Mussolini"


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