The City of Fredrikstad Celebrates 450 Years!




The festivities “Fredrikstad 450 år” mark the celebration of the 450 years passed since Fredrikstad was granted city status by King Frederik of Denmark. 

The visual profile was created to convey the values “openness” and “inclusion”, focusing on future possibilities. It was important that the anniversary had a striking and simple toolkit of design elements, easy to use by all the people involved, to help create a clear presence all around the city. The goal was to be easily recognisable and somewhat obvious and relevant to the people of Fredrikstad. The anniversary symbol - the bear with a birthday crown, is a friendly modernisation of the bear in the city´s coat of arms. 

During the first official pre-celebration of the anniversary in late 2015, a pile of programs where handed out, both official and unofficial posters were scattered throughout the city, and the outline of the bear was stenciled on various street corners. Bears in different colours and sizes were even carved out of wood by a an artist with a chainsaw and placed amongst the trees in a local "city forest"! People really took part in the decoration of the city, and we are both honored and happy to be allowed to contribute.


"Vi tror på fremtiden i Fredrikstad!"

Skjermbilde 2015-12-18 kl. 10.32.17.png