Kringler Farm Brewery


Kringler Farm & Guesthouse

Kringler Farm Brewery is the lovechild of Kringler - a rural family run conference centre, guesthouse and farm, situated one hour drive from Oslo. Local quality ingredients and true craftsmanship are important to the Kringler family, as they grow their own malt and hops, and brew by hand to ensure the distinctive taste of each brew.

The identity of the brand is based on the meandering river and characteristic landscape around Kringler. Swallows are a familiar sight in the summer fields and wetlands around the farm, entertaining guests with their acrobatic twists and turns.
We wanted the series of labels to reflect the craftsmanship and human aspect behind a small scale production, by including and emphasizing irregularities within the design. This is expressed through our choice of typography, the repetetive compostion, and in the way the labels are manually cut. This way, when manual errors occure in the future, it will only be a charming addition to the design.