A politician in freefall.





The jolly Meir of the Island Hitra, Roy Myren Talseth (Jon Brungot) is called upon as a substitute at the parliament, a place where visions and principles no longer counts, and where he is shown cold shoulders. Roy is one well-meaning, quite naive politician, with great sense of team work and cooperation. His great ideological leader is Nils Arne Eggen, a former jovial fotball manager.
Playful, simple and humorous. Made in the colour of The Norwegian Labour Party. A politician in freefall.

Concept, storyboard, graphic design & illustration: Provinsen
Motion graphics & animation: Harald Fossen

Stills from the show: Tomo Sinding-Larsen ©Monster Scripted 

Folkevalg_Provinsen 01

"Being skilled is no solo performance"

Roy Myren Talseth (Ap) 


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