Acquitted of murder. Sentenced for life.



Miso Film


The second season of Acquitted will dig deeper into exploring the consequences of Karine’s murder. We are going to a dark and unpredictable Lifjord. At high tempo, and with rising intensity, we will draw our characters to the outermost points. We will delve deeper into the dilemmas that all the relationships are exposed to as we address the question of Aksel’s guilt.

Provinsen has made this intro in close collaboration with the film maker Harald Fossen.


Credits title sequence:
Konsept, storyboard, grafisk design & illustrasjon: Provinsen & Harald Fossen
Motion graphics & animasjon: Harald Fossen
Music: "Keep That Letter Safe", Highasakite


"I must admit I feel a little proud of this.
Title sequence of Acquitted."

Nicolai Cleve Broch

Frikjent2 / Acquitted2 Courtroom
Frikjent2 / Acquitted2 - title
Frikjent2 / Acquitted2
Frikjent2 / Acquitted2 flames
Frikjent2 / Acquitted2, Nicolai Cleve Broch
Frikjent2 / Acquitted2 opening